Christmas in Elgin Park 2017
December 9th through January 1st

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This year's Optimist Fantasy of Lights is going to be a special one! For the past nine years, it has been our honour and privilege to host this event put on by the people of Uxbridge for the people of Uxbridge. Well, at least it started out being for the people of Uxbridge. The truth is, people are now coming from all around Ontario just to see the Uxbridge Optimist Fantasy of Lights, and several of our exhibitors are from neighbouring communities.

We have several special events confirmed; follow our "Uxbridge Optimist Fantasy of Lights" Facebook page for the latest news & events!

Hot Chocolate - every Saturday!
Let's be honest, everyone wants a hot chocolate after a magical walk in a beautiful winter wonderland. Thank you to Community Living Durham North for sponsoring Saturday night hot chocolate throughout our event...and also thanks to the Uxbridge BIA for our Cocoa Shack!


Horse & Wagon - Friday Dec 15th + Saturday Dec 16th
Storey Time Farm is back with their beautiful horses. There's no better way to enjoy the lights than from a comfortable wagon with your family and friends. Bring a blanket to enhance that cozy feeling!


Short Film, Raymond Briggs' "The Snowman" - Sunday Dec 17th @ 7pm
This beautiful family film will warm your heart. Suitable for all ages. Wrap your hands around a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy! Please bring chairs & blankets if you'd like; the film will be shown in the Rotary Bandshell. It's best to park offsite and enjoy the stroll beside the pond to the Main Street pedestrian-only entrance; if driving to Elgin Park, you must enter from Elgin Park Drive and park only where indicated by our volunteers.


Skating Rink - ??
There is a great opportunity for some lucky business in town to be the first to sponsor a skating rink in the park. Many people remind us each year of how wonderful it would be to take their kids skating at the Optimist Fantasy of Lights. We believe that this would add a terrific element to the event and would be highly regarded by the people taking part.


If you have any questions about these activities or Fantasy of Lights in general, please contact us at the numbers/email below.


Our Purpose
  • To offer a family oriented celebration of the Holiday Season in Uxbridge
  • Increase public awareness of your business or community group
  • Optimists will collect donations from the public to support their work with the youth of Uxbridge
Key Dates and Times

Display Setup:   Saturday Nov 25th   10am to 4 PM
  Sunday Nov 26   10am to 4 PM
  Saturday Dec 2nd   10am to 4 PM
  Sunday Dec 3rd   10am to 4 PM
Opening Night:   Saturday Dec 9th   at 6 PM
Event Duration:   Dec 9th through Jan 1st   6 PM to 9:30PM nightly
Tear Down:   Jan 13th through 14th from 10am until 4pm.    

Event Details
  • There is no fee for participants to have a display in the park
  • Each participant will have a 40 foot wide by 40 foot deep lot on which to create an LED light display
  • Displays can be made of any materials the participant desires but should be sturdy enough to withstand inclement weather (wind, rain, snow, ice, etc.)
  • We strongly advise our participants against the use of inflatable character displays. Your display will be outdoors for nearly a full month and we are bound to have at least one really windy day and the inflatables are usually the first things to fly away. Also, while the lights are off, your inflatable will be deflated, and in the event of freezing rain or other inclement weather, it may end up freezing to the ground and missing out on all the action.
  • Some lots have trees which may be incorporated into the display if desired as long as no damage is done to the tree.
  • Each lot is beside the roadway going through the park and will have access to a central electrical power supply
  • Any technical specifications will be provided to participants from the Optimists
  • Snow plowing will be provided on the park roadway before and during the event
  • Music will be played nightly at the event
  • The Optimist Club will provide a sign for each display indicating the name of the participant business or organization
  • At the participants' request, the Optimist Club will affix a QR code to the exhibitors' idenifying sign as a means of directing visitors to their website or facebook page etc. in order to maximize their exposure.
  • Optimist staff will be at the park each evening of the event
  • During off hours, the roadway gate will be closed and locked.
  • Please be aware that we cannot guarantee the safety of your display, therefore the Optimist Club of Uxbridge will assume no responsibility for damaged displays.
  • Should any damage occur to your display during the event, we will contact you so you can repair the damage as required.
  • The audience will consist of citizens of all ages and cultural backgrounds, so please ensure the messaging is appropriate
  • Your organization's name may not be used in the displays. The Optimist Club will provide you with a sturdy visible sign. Everyone passing through will know whose display is whose so your organization will be best served by focussing on your overall display rather than the exposure of your name.
  • The use of the park has been generously donated by the township of Uxbridge, and as such, we wish to avoid any damage to trees or park facilities
  • We request that all participants remove their display in a timely manner after the conclusion of the Fantasy of Lights
Access to the Event
  • The event will accommodate both vehicle and foot traffic
  • Vehicles will enter the park via the Elgin Park Dr. entrance, will drive along the park road beside the displays and exit via Main Street
  • Parking is available near the Main St. exit if people wish to walk the route
  • In addition, a lit walking path will be open through the middle of the park

We require each participant to register and provide contact information

Optimist Contact Information

The Optimist Club is committed to working with you to make this year's event even better than previous years! Our committee members as shown below will be happy to speak with you any time concerning this event.

Please contact:

Chris Wilson   416-206-9533   chris.wilson.1020@gmail.com
Jan & John Wilson   905-852-4517   jwj2@sympatico.ca
Brent Lunn   905-862-2592   blunn@reunionfoods.ca


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